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Session 1

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Session 3

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Session 4


9:00 am - 10:00 am

JoAnn Kinson
Licensed Real Estate Agent, HomeSmart Realty Partners Group

“Dare to Downsize – Clearing the Clutter”

This presentation gives a step-by-step process for clearing out years of accumulated stuff and clutter. Whether you wish to clear the clutter from a closet, declutter every room from attic to basement, or plan to downsize the home itself, you will get tips and strategies to declutter, organize and recycle your stuff.  This class offers solutions to safely and sanely dispose of excess stuff without throwing everything in a dumpster.  We’ll cover THE WHY, WHAT and HOW of Organizing, Decluttering, and Down-sizing your STUFF.

Joann Kison.jpg

DeeAnne Zuhlke
Executive Director, Community Grief Center

“Suicide Grief Among Seniors”

This presentation will talk about the scope and statics of suicide in Colorado and  Weld County, and what those numbers look like for seniors. The presentation will include why it is important to know the warning signs of suicide and why we need to treat our mental health. Resources will be provided on what support is available and how to access them.
There will also be discussion on how grief affects us as we get older and how each loss affects us differently including what society expects, how talking helps, and the benefits of a support group. 

DeeAnne Zuhlke.jpg

Matt Meuli and Steve Mallett

“Medicaid and Medicare: When Does it Apply to Me?”

This presentation will look at Medicare basics including Medicare costs and why you need a plan to limit your financial exposure.  In addition, the presentation will examine expenses not covered by Medicare and look at ways to prepare for unforeseen medical and health events including long-term care insurance, private pay and government assistance such as VA benefits or Medicaid.

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10:00 am - 11:00 am

Diana Vasquez
Wellness Coach and Older Adult Fitness Trainer

“Viviendo Un Estilo de Vida Saludable”

En esta presentacion se van a discutir temas importantes para vivir una vida saludable.  Se le va a explicar que es vivir una vida saludable; la nutricion necesaria, el ejercicio, la importancia de las relaciones sanas y los pasatiempos.  Tambien se va a presentar informacion sobre las Zonas Azules—lugares donde hay mas centenarios en el mundo.  Los centenarios de estas Zonas no solamente viven hasta 100 anos o mas, si no que viven saludablemente.  Aprenderan los secretos para esa vida.  Habrá oportunidad para preguntas y respuestas.

Diana Vasquez.jpg

Dr. Mark Fetterhoff
Advisor, AARP

“20 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Identity”

This presentation will teach the practical and effective ways to protect your identity by safeguarding your personal and financial information. This presentation will touch on daily practices to keep your information safe. Ten practical steps will be presented that have to do with everyday life and an additional 10 will focus on staying safe online.

Mark Fetterhoff.jpg

Marcy Greenslit and Nicole Buckles

“Getting Older: Where’s My Handbook?”

This presentation focuses on Advanced Planning for Healthcare and Financial Care.  The presentation will show the audience a potential path if planning for the future is done. The terms and forms used during Advanced Planning will be shown in order to complete some of the documents on their own. The presentation will outline some of the things to consider when choosing an agent and potential outcome when a person requires an advocate be appointed on their behalf.

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12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Alexis LaHaie, Debora Campbell, Monica Londono, and Trisha McKinney

“Aging in Place Panel”

This presentation will cover leading causes of falls and how to prevent them and common household hazards. The types of equipment and home modifications, including design, to improve accessibility and independence with self-care activities will be covered. As well as how to get a home safety assessment and community resources available for equipment purchase and installation.


The panel will also discuss the overview of in-home services available to help you or your loved one age in place. Some topics that will be covered are private duty home care and  skilled home-health care including different disciplines and therapies, how to qualify and who pays for these different services. Lastly, palliative care and hospice will be covered. 

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1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Irish Martin-Danhoff and JoAnn Kison

“Housing Options vs. Continuum of Care”

Irish Martin-Danoff.jpg

This presentation will define what it means when someone says Continuum of Care and how to decide the appropriate home environment for you or your loved one. The presentation will explain the differences and guidelines of living in an independent living environment, assisted living facility, skilled nursing and long-term care (otherwise known as nursing home).  


The panel will discuss the differences between a cooperative, a condominium, a townhouse and a patio home. Including how they compare in ownership and services as well as costs and which one is right for you. 

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